Discovering your child's primary love language

It's very important early on how to display love to your child. Not to say that it couldn't shift as they get older, but you can do this simply by looking at the most active love language he or she displays.

Does your child like to pick-up toys after other children or clean up without being prompted? This means your child is displaying an act of service.

Does your child like to create and give gifts to you or other children? This means your child likes to display love through the giving of gifts.

Does your child ever ask, "hey can we go to try to the park and play or can we..?" That means your child enjoys spending quality time with you.

Does your child show numerous amounts of affection and constantly want to be hug on you and everyone around them? That means your child shows love through physical touch.

Does your child constantly encourage those around him or her that means your child possibly displaying love through positive words of encouragement.

In my book, Bre's Heavenly Adventures With Jesus and the True Meaning of Unconditional Love. Little Bre's character is looking forward to spending time with her father, however, once he cancels plans with her, she is devastated. In the book, we can see that Little Bre's primary love language is to see spend quality time with the one's she loves. In my last blog we talked about the importance of showing up and the affect it has on a child when a parent doesn't show up physically, emotionally, and mentally. (If you haven't read that blog please go back and read it very important blog)

It is important to note: when observing and learning your child's primary love language, please be sure to display love to your child in their love language as well. Not only does this help reassure to them that you truly value them, but this also lets them know that you see them for who they are and makes them feel safe and secure.

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God Bless,

Bre Brown

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