Introducing Mr. Henry (Bre's Daddy)

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Mr. Henry is Bre's daddy. Mr. Henry is an owner of a car detailing business. Mr. Henry currently lives with his wife (Ms. Penny) and two twins, one boy and one girl (named Jay and Jessica) whom are four years old. Mr. Henry has a hard time communicating with his daughter Bre. Although, yes he does love his daughter, he feels like since he failed at his first marriage he doesn't know how to be there for his daughter or apologize for not working with her mother. Thus, he often finds himself avoiding his daughter because he doesn't want to have to face reality of his past. As a result, Mr. Henry and Little Bre have a strained relationship. You can see that as he cancels his plans to play with her and Little Bre abruptly hangs up the phone on him.

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