Introduction of Ms. Danah (Bre's Mama)

Ms. Danah is little Bre's mama. She is a struggling single parent who works as a blue collar worker for a car manufacturer company. Ms. Danah and Mr. Henry (Little Bre's daddy) once were married at one point, but got divorced when little Bre was just four years old, due to unreconcilable differences. Now Ms. Danah, is forced to do her best in trying to raise her daughter on her own with limited help from Bre's father. At times she finds herself breaking down because she doesn't know how to cope with the weight of it all. But, always manages to keep it together around Little Bre, because she refuses to let her daughter see her give up. Through it all she manages to holds onto her faith in Jesus Christ, which is what she decides to introduce to little Bre in hopes that it would help soothe her soul.

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