The Importance of Showing Up

What exactly does it mean to show up? It means being able to give your full attention and awareness when you’re with your child. Also, it means being mentally and emotionally present for your child in the moment.

It is very important to show up for your kids not just in a physical sense, but also in a mental and emotional sense as well. Emotional neglect can damage a child’s self esteem and emotional health. It teaches them that not only are their emotions not valued but they themselves are not valued.

As a child grows up they will begin to display attention seeking behaviors because they are desperately trying to win their parents affections. This often leads children to suffer from an lack of emotional intimacy in relationships as adults, who suffer from rejection, low self esteem, and shame.

But lucky for you its never too late to start to show up in your child’s life, help them avoid going down a path of suffering and pain simply by choosing to implement these 4 keys:

#1 Children need to feel loved not based off conditions, such as if they are good or bad, but truly based upon unconditional love. Regardless if a child is good or bad, they need to know you love them regardless of what happens or goes on.

#2 Children need to know that you are their protector and that you will keep them safe from any danger that may come their way. The more a child feels comfortable safe with you the more likely they will be to express what's going on in their lives. So, it is very important early on that you not only tell a child that they are safe but you truly display to them they are safe and can trust you.

#3 Children need to know they are valued. They know their valued based upon the amount of attention and awareness you choose to give to them while your in the moment. Thus, if you are aware that you are not able to show up in a way that best meets your child’s needs. You should explain that to your child and table it until a moment when you can. It is very important to let your child know that your emotional health is just as important as theirs. Teach them the importance of self-care. However, the key is not to wait too long.

#4 Children need to know that you are emotionally invested and value their feelings and thoughts. Which means don’t always be quick to judge nor dismiss the things that distress them. Sometimes kids just need to be heard and vent without feeling like you will criticize them for their thoughts of feelings.

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God Bless,

Bre Brown

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